I often get asked about food as part of a treatment session. Essentially there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food. However the problems start when people eat food that is out of balance with their situation. For example, all dairy products are classified as cold and damp, if you lived in the middle of the desert which is hot and dry there’s a very strong likelihood that eating and drinking dairy would be the best thing for your system to balance out the dry heat. In Britain, which is by and large a cold damp country, eating or drinking dairy will make people more cold and more damp. With the increase of cold and damp if you do not counter it with warm and dry herbs or food then there will be an excess of cold and or damp. Cold causes stagnation which in turn can sometimes lead to pain. Damp can be seen as inflammation within the body and can help to give rise to asthma, painful joints, recurring infections etc. So food really is your medicine, so be careful what you eat. Where possible also stick to the old paradigm “breakfast like a king, midday meal like an emperor and evening meal like a pauper.”