The next on my most prescribed list is Gui Pi Tang.

Gui Pi Tang helps many different ailments but again I’m only listing the ones that I’ve come across in the clinics. It’s boosts Heart, Spleen, Blood and Energy (Qi) and so is very good when any deficiencies in the system result in the Heart being affected. As the Mind is said to rest in the Heart then Heart network weaknesses can result in Anxiety, Insomnia and excess thinking (amongst other mind based disorders). Also great for resolving any postpartum depression ie ‘baby blues’. Can be very useful for new mothers to take it once baby is born to support their system as they recover.

Traditionally a new mother ideally rests for 30-40 days after birth, without taxing her system, so that she can recover and also look after the newborn to the best of her ability. Gui Pi Tang can help with this process.