As mentioned, I’m going to start listing my most commonly prescribed unmodified formulae. This is not to replace seeing a trained practitioner but just to give people an idea as to what Chinese herbs can do. Whenever I prescribe herbs I ALWAYS check for any interactions with any western medications or supplements that the person is taking – this is essential for safety. The quality of herbs is also of paramount importance and needs to be from a tried and tested source. In addition, these notes are just from my own personal experience of working with people over the last decade and is by no means prescriptive.

Xiao Yao San
This is probably one of the most used formulae in the Western world and is an excellent antidote for STRESS. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Liver becomes stagnant when under emotional stress, this in turn can lead to many different symptoms. For example: headaches, migraines, eye problems, tinnitus, physical tension, feelings of being fed up, pain that can come and go, digestive irregularities, menstrual irregularities and PMS, infertility, anger and frustration and stress based disorders. From experience, Xiao Yao San can help with the above when relevant to the persons situation and can also improve skin condition, nail strength, tendon elasticity and create an increased sense of well-being.

That’s it in a nutshell! If you want to know more please search the internet for info on this formula or contact me for more detailed information.🙂