Useful Links

The links listed below are to websites that I feel have something to add to your health and well-being considerations.

Chem Trails Project, UK
Superb website full of relevant information. Chemtrails Project UK is part of a growing movement that is raising awareness of chemtrails and taking action to ban climate geoengineering and weather modification.

Taoist Arts Organisation
An organisation dedicated to continuing the practice and development of the Taoist body arts as taught by Professor Chee Soo.

Ri Ferrier
​Craniosacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form that assists the body’s natural capacity for self repair. It supports your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself, as well as helping to reduce stress and build your underlying energy. Sometimes all the body needs to activate the healing process is a light touch by a skilled hand.

Tui Na in Binfield, Berkshire
Clare is an excellent therapist and is highly recommended.

Body Harmonics
An excellent source of training, treatment and inspiration for all things Tui Na.

Hereford Centre For Natural Health
Hereford’s longest established centre for Complementary Therapies has a great deal of experience to draw upon. All of the therapists are highly qualified and experienced and offer an excellent level of care.

Eco Retreats
If you are looking for a relaxing holiday in beautiful, natural surroundings this is the place to go. Highly recommended.